Business performance and the quality of a working environment go together. Therefore, it is vital to properly plan for day-to-day working life when refurbishing any office or other workspace. No one knows what goes into a normal day in your place of work better than you; that’s why we work closely with you during the vital space planning stage of refurbishment or relocation. We have listed a few of the most important benefits of developing a detailed space plan in this article.

Drawing up plans is a great way to visualise the final outcome of your office re-fit.

1) Plan around your employees

Include your staff in the planning process wherever possible. Sit down and chat with them as a team or, even better, individually to gather their unique ideas and suggestions which may highlight an area for improvement you otherwise would have overlooked. Ensure that everyone has a voice, from the management team through to the tea lady. The end result of this is that everyone has put something into the final idea, which helps people to feel more engaged with their place of work. In turn, this can help your staff be more productive and collaborate better together.

2) Allow for growth

Workplace strategy can often be just as much about general business strategy as it is growth. Workplace analysis asks questions about your brand, your clients and what it is you want to achieve. Once you know these important factors, you can plan your workspace layout so that it is ready to adapt to future growth and inspires the behaviours you are looking for in your people.

For example, if you have a little too much storage or office space right now, you could consider sub-letting the excess to a smaller business for the short term, safe in the knowledge that you’ve got the room to grow into as your business goes from strength to strength.

An optimised office environment can do wonders for your employees’ feelings of motivation and wellbeing.

3) Attract & keep the best talent

Part of the overall aim of office space planning is to respond to the needs of your staff, and to help your business attract and retain the best people for each role. For instance, top professionals will have certain expectations of their office environment, and if you fail to nurture a strong office culture and comfortable place to work it may mean you miss out on the best individuals.

You’ll also need to decide on the overall type of working environment you’re trying to provide. Read our previous article on office partitioning, and the pros and cons of a cubicle-type office space vs an open-plan space.

4) You may not need to relocate after all!

Sometimes, businesses can end up under the false impression that they need to move to bigger, more expensive premises to grow properly. An effective space planning service can often avoid this costly and time-consuming outcome, as it will highlight exactly how you could me making the most of the space you already have first.

We offer a full and comprehensive space planning service, so if you need help making the most of your workspace just let us know and our friendly experts will be delighted to help!

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