Being able to provide your employees with a place in which they love to work is a key ingredient for success. But often that’s easier said than done, so what exactly can you do to make your workplace a haven for the people who work in it every day? We highlight 5 ingredients for a fantastic working environment below!

Productivity & creativity suffer in a sub-optimal working environment.

1. Provide Challenges

A great workplace understands the significance of keeping people’s work challenging, interesting, exciting and meaningful. Across many different industries, the top performers repeatedly say that challenging and meaningful work is the number one attribute they seek in any role!

2. Competitive Pay

There’s simply no swerving this one… you can offer the most challenging or exciting role in the world, but if you’re paying minimum wage for a highly skilled role you’ll likely never recruit the best or most committed talent. Brilliant companies offer competitive and fair rates of pay, and above-average pay rises based on commitment. Opportunities to earn even more based on performance, such as bonuses or profit sharing, are also worth considering if you want to attract (and keep) the best people for the job.

3. Health & Wellbeing

This is becoming a key issue for many people entering the job market, especially those considering a change of careers. Wellness is something people are far more aware of than ever before, so be ahead of the game and offer a workplace that fits these requirements. Consider your DSE (display screen equipment), furniture, office layout, breakout areas, meeting rooms, social spaces… the list goes on, but the point is you need to think about the working environment you’re providing for people as a whole, and identify areas for improvement and modernisation.

Planning your workspace in advance can avoid costly re-working of the workspace in future.

4. Planned Workspace

Touching on the items listed in point 3 again, planning out your workspace in advance can help you get things right the first time around. Blindly growing a workplace on a “needs must” basis is a recipe for expense and wasted time; you’re far better off making use of a space planning service and ensuring that your office is ready for both the present and the future from the word go. This means your employees are far less likely to become frustrated with their daily environment, as you’ve already ensured they’re provided with everything they need to perform to their best.

5. Unique Culture

Does your workplace have a unique culture? Often described as fun, social, collaborative, positive, passionate and creative, these are the working environments that keep people happy and productive for years to come. Remember; a unique, fun place of work is only truly sustainable if you’re also addressing the other items we’ve listed above!

A workplace is a rich tapestry made up of both the environment and the people working within it. If you’d like to update your working environment and ensure you’re providing the very best for your employees (and in turn getting the very best from them!), then speak to our friendly experts today on 01462 484 022.

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