Mezzanine Floors – The Only Way Is Up!

Jun 23, 2017

Sometimes the best thing to do in a situation is to simply look up. After all, that’s how gravity was discovered, and how astronomy and aviation all started!

But in today’s economic climate where moving to bigger premises isn’t always financially practical, you can when instead maximise the space you’re already paying for. People talk about square footage when they’re looking at workspaces, but really, they should be thinking about cubic footage. Installing a mezzanine floor can greatly increase (even double) the amount of workspace you have available without the need to move to new premises.

Mezzanine floor designed and installed by Allen Commercial Interiors

Most of us want our businesses to grow. We invest significant amounts of money in marketing programmes, stock, staff, and infrastructure. When you are successful in growing the business, it is vital that you can facilitate that growth in a sustainable way. For example, an extremely high percentage of businesses that have a warehouse space also have an incredible amount of unused space going to waste.

“This is just to say ‘Thank you’ to you and your team for the new mezzanine floor you fitted this last weekend. Your team did a great job and they are to be congratulated. We are more than happy with the results.”

A mezzanine floor will allow you to use your whole warehousing space to its full potential at a fraction of the cost of moving to a larger building elsewhere. A mezzanine is a blank canvas; you decide what you want to do with the extra space. You may need to use it to store extra stock as sales grow, or you may decide to have more office space for your increasing workforce to occupy. Remember, mezzanine floors are useful to many types of business, not just warehousing and offices. We work with cafes, service stations, car dealerships and much more.

Allen Commercial Interiors Mezzanine Floor installation with partitioning

Contact Allen Commercial Interiors to truly take your business to the next level. We offer a free, no-obligation quote to get the ball rolling and we can help you through the planning and design stage and all the way through to the finished job. All Allen mezzanine structures are designed in accordance with the current Building Regulations 2010 and we take full responsibility to ensure that access, safety, and fire regulations are all complied with from the initial design stage onwards.

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