The way you light your workspace can have a great impact on your business, both financially and environmentally. Ultimately, LED lighting is far more efficient and environmentally friendly than older traditional forms of workplace lighting, and it’s also a lot safer!

LED lighting can have a huge impact on a workplace.

How are LED bulbs different? They emit light by passing electrons through a “semiconductor”, rather than through a traditional filament. This of course means there’s no filament to “blow out”, and LED’s also don’t get anywhere near as hot. Secondly, LED lighting can be switched on and off as many times as you like without affecting the lifespan of bulbs; something that’s not true with older styles of bulb. Next, they produce a lot less glare than traditional fluorescent tubing, which makes them ideal for an office environment. They can also produce light in a wide range of different colours, which can be utilised to great effect when lighting staff breakout areas or client meeting rooms etc.

In an age where more and more business owners are becoming environmentally aware, LED’s are far more friendly to our planet than other forms of lighting. They don’t contain any mercury or other harmful gasses, and don’t emit any UV rays unlike easily-broken fluorescent strip bulbs. Very few LED lighting solutions actually contain glass either, so there’s an additional safety and environmental benefit there. Scientific studies show that a 13w LED light emits 68% less carbon dioxide than a standard 40w incandescent bulb when both are left illuminated for 10 hours per day; not a small difference!

From an employee’s point of view, LED lighting can help to increase their productivity. One of the most common complaint UK employees have is that of eye strains, which can usually be attributed to a combination of poor lighting and inadequate display screen equipment. Lighting in offices has also been shown to have a direct impact on people’s moods, and therefore their overall performance. Proper lighting is vital to the comfort of office and warehouse workers alike.

There are many different ways in which LED lighting can be utilised.

Lighting contributes more than 20% of the UK’s annual energy consumption; a fact that comes as quite a surprise to some business owners! In fact, when checking their outgoings a little closer, some businesses even say that their lighting alone can make up more than 40% of their energy bills. Now consider that LED bulbs consume less than 80% of the electricity that comparable traditional incandescent bulbs, and you’ll really start to understand how LED lighting could help you achieve some significant savings on your annual energy bills. Combine this with the fact that LED lighting is far more effective at lighting a workspace, and it starts to become a bit of a no-brainer to make the switch from old to new!

We hope we’ve helped you to “see the light” when it comes to workplace lighting, but if you’re still not a convert then please feel free to call us on 01462 484022 or contact us online to find out more. Remember, we can replace all your workplace’s existing fluorescent lights with new, energy-efficient LED lights that will make a real difference to the look and feel of your workspace. What you spend on getting the job done, you’ll save (and more) in the long run!

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