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What Makes a Great Workplace?

Being able to provide your employees with a place in which they love to work is a key ingredient for success. But often that’s easier said than done, so what exactly can you do to make your workplace a haven for the people who work in it every day? We highlight 5...

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Rainwater Harvesting

The need to capture, store, filter and reuse rainfall is becoming essential. As water companies continue to increase prices and the general UK population grows, demands on mains water supplies are becoming quite strenuous. So, what is rainwater harvesting, and how can...

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How to Plan Your Office Space

Effective workspace planning can make the difference between chaos and calm in the workplace. If you’re looking to re-work your existing office space or are about to move to new premises and want to know how best to set up your new office, then read on to find out how best to go about effectively planning the area.

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We’re People People!

We're people people! That might sound funny, but it’s true; we’re people that like to deal with other people, and that’s what our ethos reflects. When you come to Allen Commercial Interiors for your workplace design or refurbishment, you can be assured that you’ll be...

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Why Choose Allen Commercial Interiors

Allen Commercial Interiors are a family run business who, over the past 25 years, have created the perfect working environment for hundreds of businesses, large and small, throughout the UK.

We handle everything from the design and space planning through to the complete installation and handover.

Utilising the very latest CAD technology you can see what your office space will look like once completed and we can also show you how to get the best out of the space to suit your commercial objectives.

“We have been working with Allen Commercial Interiors for over 10 years, and together we have completed many projects and installations for numerous customers in a variety of different industry sectors.”

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