Air Conditioning & Ventilation – A Breath Of Fresh Air

Jul 23, 2017

After the recent heatwave, where temperatures hit an absolutely sweltering 34.5C in Southern England, we reckon it’s got more than a few people thinking about air conditioning and/or better ventilation for their workplace!

The hottest summer in 40 years has proven to be a real assault on the senses so far. The days just seem to get hotter and hotter throughout, and even night time brings little respite. Add into that equation your smart workwear, your expensive leather-coated office chair and all those computers, servers and pesky colleagues racking up the temperature just that little bit more…! That cheap air conditioning unit you bought from a catalogue is fighting a losing battle in the corner of the room, and suddenly doesn’t look like the total bargain you once thought it to be. So, do you open the windows in the hope of a breeze, but risk letting the sunlight beat directly down into your office? Check out a few tips below for keeping cool at work.

Heat reflecting off building

Building reflecting the heat during the recent heatwave

Something we are very keen on here at Allen Commercial Interiors is a green, energy-efficient office. You could invest in some plants, trees and other greenery for the office which will naturally help the room “breathe” and ventilate, and could also provide some much-needed shade! A recent study also shows that sitting your air conditioning unit in the shade can increase its efficiency by up to 10%; cooling both you and your bank balance. Now, back to those windows… leave the ones in direct sunlight closed when it’s getting hot! Opening them will only allow more heat into the room.

Instead, open windows and doors that are in the shade only, and invest in some reflective window films to help them beat back the sun’s rays. If you’d like to feel a breeze, a fan will sometimes do the trick just to get the air moving again and it’s this moving air that will help the sweat evaporate from your skin more quickly. Last, but certainly not least, consider getting a new air conditioning system fitted in your building. Newer systems can be up to 100% more efficient than old ones, and could help to cut your energy bill in half. All units and systems will have an Energy Efficiency Rating (EER), be sure to take note of these when looking around for a new one.

Allen Commercial Interiors offer Air Condition and Ventilation

Whether it’s new air conditioning, improved ventilation or an entire office re-think, we are always ready and waiting to help you here at Allen Commercial Interiors. Contact us today to discuss your requirements and receive a free, no-obligation quote. Now, we’re off to have a freezing cold shower and a drink that mainly consists of ice cubes…

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