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Staircases and stairs are required as a means of access to and from mezzanine floors, or any Office first floor area. 
They are an integral part of any Building Design, and can either be a basic functional staircase or be an architectural feature staircase for a Reception area for example. 
Material Integration. 
Many different materials can be integrated within the design of staircases to include, Glass, stainless steel, and Hardwood to provide the perfect solution for you. 
As a manufacturer, we can design your perfect staircase to suit your work environment. 
All our staircases conform to current Building Regulation guidelines,Means of Access Document K and Document M. 
Industrial Staircase
Commercial Staircase
Residential Staircase


Stair Access to Storage Mezzanine 

Industrial Staircase

Stair Access to Storage Mezzanine. 

Industrial Steel Staircases 

Stainless Steel Staircase
Reception stainless Steel Staircase

Stair Access to Glazed Offices 

Staircase Features 

Mild Steel 
Stainless steel 
Timber Capping 
Plastic Polyrail. 
Infil Panels 
Glass infill 
Weld Mesh 
Steel balusters 
Steel wire 
Tread Options 
Durbar steel 
Plain steel + Carpet finish 
Plain steel + wood finish 
Plain steel + marble finish 
Treads with risers 
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